3 Marketing & Technology Trends for 2017

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marketing-technologyAttendees can now test out VR content using Vive Zone, which offers gaming, entertainment and interactions.

As the hospitality industry gears up for 2017, it’s starting to see some significant changes in marketing and technology. Here are three recent revelations from HospitalityNet that are not only affecting the hospitality market, but could also have a big impact on how meeting planners do business in years to come.

IHG Takes on Virtual Reality in China

InterContinental Hotels Group partnered with HTC Corporation to launch an in-room virtual-reality (VR) experience for guests at hotels in Beijing, Shanghai and Sanya. Guests can now test out VR content using Vive Zone, which offers gaming, entertainment and interactions, reports HospitalityNet. As the hospitality industry starts to experiment with this new technology, meeting planners can only expect it to become more prevalent at future meetings and events.

Travel Brands to Engage Customers Through Mobile

Recent studies show that the travel industry boasts more than 50 percent growth year after year in mobile; however, some travel suppliers are still not grasping the full potential of this technology. CEO and Co-Founder of Unmapped Lisa Israelovitch writes on HospitalityNet that the real value of mobile is how it extends and transforms the travel experience, with 60 percent of global travelers saying they wouldn’t want to travel anywhere without a mobile device. She continues that, in 2017, travel brands will need to offer personalized travel experiences and leverage mobile technology to engage customers—something that meeting planners should take note of for events as well.

Influencers & Advocates Could Define Marketing

With the overwhelming amount of digital marketing reaching consumers every day, it’s no wonder that the same-old social media themes and sweepstakes are starting to fade. HospitalityNet highlights a report titled The State of Influencer and Advocate Marketing 2016 by Qube Media that predicts the industry will start to use influencer and advocate marketing to cut through the marketing noise. Influencers, those who impact opinions beyond their circle, and advocates, those who influence friends and family, will provide more authenticity, more direct communication and a source that consumers trust.

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