Say “Hello” to Rose, The Cosmopolitan’s Chatbot

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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is leading the robot concierge trend with the introduction of Rose this past January.

After meeting Hilton’s Connie robot concierge last year, meeting planners can now befriend Rose who takes robotic customer service to another level, with sassy commentary and 24/7 accessibility for guests via text message. She is a uniquely designed chatbot created to interact with guests with savvy, witty and inspiring commentary in lieu of standard robotic responses. Her personality reflects the Cosmopolitan brand in the real-time, text conversations she has with attendees.

Upon check in, attendees will get a mysterious card in a room key packet with the phrase, “It’s Not About Who I Am, It’s About Who You Could Be,” and Rose’s phone number on it. Attendees will start texting her the same way they would a hotel-room butler or personal assistant, but Rose can do way more tasks than a single person. Through the real-time, text-messaging technology, Rose can guide attendees on art tours of the property or order up amenity delivery to guest rooms.

She’s also very knowledgeable of the property and Las Vegas Strip. Attendees can ask for restaurant recommendations or cocktail suggestions or even ask her to play games such as Two Truths and a Lie or Would You Rather.

“Rose offers a VIP experience with insider information—all to help guests discover surprises found around every corner,” says Mamie Peers, senior director of digital, social and eCommerce at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. “Rose demonstrates our commitment to giving guests engaging experiences with the highest levels of service, yet through a playful—and we hope irresistible—personality.”

Just in case guests ask her something too complicated, however, behind-the-scenes Cosmopolitan staff members will complete any questions or requests that Rose can’t handle.

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