Ukuleles & Artwork Attract Attendees to 2017 Oahu Festivals

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A rich cultural heritage with long-held traditions and customs make Hawaii’s Oahu island a magical place for groups to visit.

There’s no better way to experience the island’s cultural diversity than attending one of the several 2017 Oahu festivals or events happening this year. Whether attendees want to experience events related to food, art, music or dance, here are five for groups to explore in 2017.

Honolulu Festival (March 10 to 12)

The 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival will bring people together from March 10 to 12 to participate in educational programs and activities that highlight the blending of Asia, Pacific and Hawaiian cultures converging in the state’s capital.

Mele Mei (April to May)

The sixth annual Mile Mei celebration highlights Hawaii’s music, hula and culture. Across the entire state from April to May, music and hula events will be held for attendees to check out everything from the ukulele or steel guitar to traditional Hawaiian slack key guitar music to island reggae to rock.

47th Annual Ukulele Festival Hawaii (July 16)

To delve deeper into the Hawaiian music culture, groups can attend the world’s largest ukulele festival on July 16. The free five-hour concert will highlight the best local and international ukulele players and also has a ukulele orchestra with more than 800 students.

Made in Hawaii Festival (Aug. 18 to 20)

Attendees who want to bring back artisanal goods from Hawaii will delight in this three-day celebration from Aug. 18 to 20. More than 400 exhibitors will gather to showcase their locally made products, including everything from art to clothing to food to handicrafts.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade (Dec. 7)

Performances, bands and floats make up this emotional tribute that each year honors the survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor as well as veterans, active duty military and their families.

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