4 Swedish Culinary Adventures to Elevate F&B Programs This Year

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F&B programs
Musselbaren; photo credit Peter Muld and Westsweden.com

House-made, heritage inspired, sustainably sourced and social media-worthy. These are just some of the expectations attendees have when it comes to F&B programs this year.

Sweden delivers these through a sense of adventure that comes from destination immersion delivered bite-by-bite. If you’re considering Sweden for your next meeting or incentive, the following experiences will elevate F&B programs to unforgettable culinary adventures.

Mussel Mania

This is a thing in the west of Sweden where the cooler coastal waters allow mussels to grow slowly into perfection. Groups of up to 12 can set off on a mussel expedition through the fjords and visit local mussel banks with expert local skippers to see how the delicacies are harvested. At the waterfront Musselbaren, nestled around the historic health spa resort of Lyckorna, they can experience all of this and more, including blue mussels cooked over an open fire in salty seawater, homemade chili sauce and white wine, and it’s not uncommon for chefs to dive into the “sea pantry” for fresh seaweed as well.

Transcendent Culinary Adventures

In the Swedish Lapland, transcendent culinary adventures emphasize local food culture, beginning at the Icehotel where everything from reindeer stew and Sami-inspired dishes with berries and plants foraged by the group are served. The Icebar has drinks served in and on the rocks, or groups can experience customized wilderness dining, ice dining on crystal clear ice slabs or a chef’s table experience at the Icehotel restaurant, possibly including a 12-course meal. Groups can also be immersed in sauna rituals that explore Swedish sauna culture, such as a dip in the icy Torne River, or partake in ice sculpting or yoga among the delicately chiseled creations by global artists or beneath the stars.

Tasting Tradition

Also along the Torne River in Kukkola village, attendees are learning special methods for catching and cooking whitefish that dates back to the 1500s. Village tours for up to 20 share historic sites, tales of fishing traditions and what life was and is like for those in the area. If your group is looking to taste Sweden’s rich cultural heritage, this is a must for F&B programs.

Arctic Sensations

Just above the Arctic Circle at Njalgge, a reindeer herder and cultural food creator are welcoming groups of up to eight for a clean wild taste of the region that includes 25 different Sami traditions or taste sensations based on the eight seasons (every season is represented by three different tastes).

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