You Know Your F&B Is Off-the-Chain When…

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Your attendees’ F&B experience should be nothing if not memorable.

Here, we offer a few tall tales telltales culled from decades of culinary magic in movies to help you pinpoint your event’s off-the-chain unforgettable F&B moment.

It Inspires a Claymation Hallucination

John Cusack’s bizarre mad scientist moment in the surreal ‘80s cult teen flick “Better Off Dead” (you know, the one where he, with a little help from a perfectly-timed lightning bolt, transforms five pounds of raw meat into a guitar playing rockstar hamburger and its star-struck groupie girlfriend) makes us think that the greasy grub served at Pig Burger may not be such a bad idea.

It Sparks Possession & a Brush with Harry Belafonte

Let’s be honest. An awesome culinary experience does feel a bit R-rated. So why not turn the tables on attendees and create moments for them to be utterly consumed by your bites and brews? The hip swivels and jolts, lip synching and crab smacking dance-around at the Deetz family’s dinner party in another ‘80s forget-me-not, “Beetlejuice,” has more than a few lessons to teach on this very subject. Start your dinner off with “Day-O.” Attendees won’t be disappointed.

It’s Worth a Mental Breakdown

Remember that drive-thru scene in “Dude, Where’s My Car?” Yeah.

Attendees Are Willing to Risk Falling into a River & Getting Sucked into a Pneumatic Tube for It

Some may think falling into a chocolate river in your best short pants (when you can’t swim) is a bad thing. But let’s take an Oompa Loompa size step back from August Gloop’s predicament for a moment. When you know you don’t have a chance in hell of becoming the next Willie Wonka the only thing left to do is fudge it up deliciously.

Bosoms Are Ablaze in the Kitchen

When it comes to creating the piece de resistance of your meeting or event, the kitchen hustle is real. You know this is true when your chefs are stuck in a vicious cycle of “Mrs. Doubtfire” moments, a.k.a., the hollandaise smells like burnt rubber, bosoms are ablaze in the kitchen and it’s going to take a lot more than pan lids to put the fires out. “It’s gonna blow!” In this instance, that’s actually a good sign.

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