Camp No Counselors Gives Groups a Taste of Nostalgia

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Camp No Counselors, adult camp, adult summer camp, outdoor activities, team building
Camp No Counselors; Photo Credit: Amy Pinard

Do you remember the joys of summer camp as a kid—the swimming, the games of tag, the s’mores?

Camp No Counselors (CNC) recreates that childhood experience for corporate retreats as a summer camp for grownups. The adult summer camp trend recently took off for consumer travel, and that trend has officially reached the group market, with 30 percent of CNC’s business taken up by corporate buyouts.

The “camp” typically consists of three nights of lodging—oftentimes in, you better believe it, group bunks—and all the traditional summer camp activities are possible. During the day, that means splitting up into teams for an epic game of capture the flag or tug of war or dodgeball, as well as nature hikes, water slides and relay races. At night, talent shows, board games, outdoor projection movies and themed parties will create an unforgettable sense of nostalgia. Of course, an open bar can be arranged as well as DJs, live music or karaoke for an additional fee.

CNC isn’t just about reminiscing about childhood either. Audiovisual equipment and meeting settings are also part of the group appeal so that the retreat can still have a business focus.

“The two things that differentiate Camp No Counselors from other corporate retreats are the unique setting and overwhelming sense of unity that is created after being at camp,” says Shira Brenman, VP of business development for CNC. “When you high five after a close game of kickball, watch a colleague tackle their fears on the high ropes and share a s’more around the campfire, you start to feel like a family. That ultimately leads to better communication, enhanced trust, greater appreciation and increased productivity once you return to the office.”

The camp is available in 24 camps across the country for a minimum of 100 attendees (although VIP corporate retreats are possible for smaller groups). However, it also has national camp partners, which means planners can bring the experience to a city of your choice. Private chartered bus transportation can be arranged, too, on which CNC gets the retreat started off right by showing a classic camp movie.

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