Flash Mob Team Building & Other Offbeat Group Activities to Try

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YouTube’s Flash Mob

Imagine how much intrigue a flash mob along the beach or a world-record, roller-skating dance could bring to a meeting.

With the help of Mystery Trip, a Los Angeles-based experiential event-planning company, meeting planners can easily incorporate these offbeat activities for groups of five to 200 while meeting in various cities across the country. Here are just three example Mystery Trip excursions used to spark group creativity and bonding from coast to coast.

Flash Mob on Los Angeles’ Venice Boardwalk

A recent Mystery Trip was planned for YouTube employees who flew in from across the globe to meet in Los Angeles. The initial part of the trip brought in Flash Mob America to choreograph a dance for the group to conduct their very own flash mob. Attendees then took to Venice Boardwalk where they competed in a photographic scavenger hunt that encouraged them to interact with locals before banding together to test out their flash mob skills.

“Participating in such a memorable and surprising experience—in one of the most iconic parts of L.A. that many of [the attendees] had only dreamed of—allowed the group to have unique interactions, let their guard down and create bonds that otherwise might not have ever occurred,” says Dave Green, chief mysterious officer for Mystery Trip.

Old School Roller Skating in San Francisco

Remember how fun skating parties were? Well, these childhood memories are still very-much alive in San Francisco at Church of 8 Wheels. Yes, a church-turned-roller rink was a team building venue during a recent off site for the company, ClearSlide. The group even attempted to set the world record for the most people doing a choreographed dance while on roller skates.

Detectives in the New York Mystery Room

A recent Mystery Trip for Discovery Communications took attendees across New York City via a scavenger hunt before meeting at the Troll Museum where, yes, vintage trolls and troll memorabilia were on display. The day ended at the Mystery Room. Here, attendees played a group of detectives who investigated a report of a missing employee. With a slew of clues, they were given one hour to escape the room—a true testament to their communication skills.

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