Well-Being Advice As We Emerge From the Pandemic

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The country is opening and business is starting to feel like it’s moving again. Now as you’re starting to see the blue skies from airplane seats, think about your well-being and how you would like this new phase of your life to look.

A friendly reminder to be gentle and supportive with yourselves as you focus on your well-being. Make time to unplug from the many daily activities and be quiet, cook more, spend time with friends and family and enjoy those household projects you accomplished last year to get rid of that mental plaque! Don’t watch too much news or spend time on negative social media, as fear can be such a powerful detractor. Detractor? Yes, stay focused on your next new chapter.

Now that you’re starting to meet in person, travel more and get out more, create the life you want to have. Create in your imagination how you want your professional and personal life to look and feel. Decide what venues and clients you want to work with. Get excited about having a new slate of options to work with. As you feel excited about what you create, you’ll fulfill what you imagine. Focus on these positive thoughts and feelings every day. Research shows that devoting just 20 seconds of time a day on your desires will hasten their manifestation.

Also, remember to stay hydrated, eat well and often (balancing those complex carbs, proteins and good fats). Be careful to not fall into poor food choice habits or take unhealthy shortcuts as you get back on the road. Sleep is huge for your mental and emotional balance too, so try to get 7-8 hours each night and take a 10-minute-eyes-closed break if you need one! Remember to move your bodies every day. Enjoy getting outside, as it can be such a mental re-set.

Pack and use those handy small containers of wipes, hand sanitizer and air spray to keep yourselves well. Include raw nuts, low-sugar protein bars and apples to have at the ready. Keep all that good personal hygiene in place that you’ve practiced during COVID and trust the venues are doing their part to keep you well too.

Dr. Mary Warren is founder of Road Warrior Wellness. Check out her white paper and webinar on well-being for road warriors here.


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