Spirited and Colorful Korea

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Korea Gyeongju at dusk

The Republic of Korea is a country visited by approximately 10 million international travelers every year. More than 17 million international travelers visited the country in 2019 alone.

The MICE business has returned in Korea, with the largest convention center, KINTEX, hosting its first major convention with 45,000 delegates in May of 2020. “It was very successful thanks to the implementation of various safety protocols, and afterwards there were no infections reported at all,” said Juri Seo, Manager, Meetings and Incentives at the Korea Tourism Organization, during the recent KTO-Prevue webinar: Korea: A Model of Safety in the COVID era (the entire webinar is available to view for free here).

With its long history in culture and tradition and many diverse sights and attractions, Korea offers all visitors unique experiences that never fail to exceed expectations. Offers include the country’s unique characteristics and original content (seasonal foods, K-pop, K-dramas, K-movies, etc), unlimited innovativeness and passion, famous attractions, and elegant lifestyles-all of which are bound to captivate any visitor.

Korea is one of the most spirited and colorful countries in the world. In the short time following its dramatic and impressive development, it has managed to maintain the delicate balance between preserving its impressive history and tradition while embracing all the conveniences and technology of the modern world.

Traces of the country’s 5,000-year-long history and heritage can be seen throughout the country. Korea is home to 14 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visitors can see the country’s unique culture and distinct beauty at these sites.

This is a destination designated to meet your business needs and leisure experiences. As a top convention destination, it offers a world-class meetings infrastructure, a safe and sustainable location, and a variety of unique sights and experiences provided by its MICE cities.


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