Q&A: Fiesta Americana’s Chefs Take F&B to the Next Level

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Live-Aqua-Cancun-All-Inclusive Alma Lopez, director of sales, Live Aqua Cancun, Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun, Lat 20 by Live Aqua Playa del Carmen, shares how her hotels’ F&B has evolved as attendees have grown more sophisticated.

Prevue: How have you evolved your F&B offering to reflect the society of “foodies” that we have become?

Lopez: Each one of our Fiesta Americana resorts is sensitive to our guests’ needs and requirements, which is why we urge them to let us know if they have any special dietary needs. Whether it is in advance or directly upon check-in, your wish is our wish. Live Aqua’s Hidden Garden menu, which features flavors from the East, now has small gluten-free, vegetarian or spicy indicators next to each dish. Even though this restaurant is the only one with such indicators, every restaurant has special options available that can be executed on the spot for quality and consistency. Every waiter and captain is available to help recommend the perfect dish. Our guests can even find a special gluten-free bread section on the buffet.

Do you feature your own cocktails and blends? Tell us about some of the craft cocktails and beers you offer.

A delightful treat to the senses can be found from the moment you step foot in every resort. Each bar has a signature drink; grape caipiroska for Live Aqua Cancun, to the craft beers from Argentina to Belgium featured in Fiesta Americana’s Cielito Lindo.

How are you catering to the growing demand for gluten-free and organic cuisine?

Gluten-free has become a very strict dietary requirement of our guests. A gluten-free diet excludes a protein found in wheat and related grains such as rye and barley, which is gluten. This protein has been found to cause certain wheat allergies and health problems to those who suffer celiac disease. With our guests interests and dietary needs in mind, our resorts have found a way to adapt to this requirement without sacrificing quality or variety. Ninety percent of the products currently used by the food and beverage department are gluten-free, and used to complement the menus for each of the restaurants.  Special techniques are used to achieve gluten-free options, such as reductions and dough made of rice or potato, which give sauces, soups or bread the appropriate texture without sacrificing taste.

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