Q&A: Producing a Luxury Gift Experience With Rymax

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Top performers expect top-notch rewards.

We spoke with Jessica Brown, senior director of luxury goods & gift cards at Rymax Marketing Services, Inc., on how they are meeting this demand and others head-on through personalized luxury gift experiences.

What defines a luxury experience this year?

A luxury experience is not a one-size-fits-all concept, and with the ability to customize most things in our daily lives, it’s not surprising that defining luxury includes the importance of personalization. When creating our interactive rewards events, we keep personalization in mind, from the products we choose, to the individualized attention that each attendee receives throughout the experience.

R-SITE, Rymax’s Strategic Interactive Themed Events, are exclusive experiences that provide every attendee with an opportunity to select from a carefully chosen assortment of premium products, perfect for their specific wants and needs. From electronics to handbags and from cookware to outdoor gear, we leverage our partnerships with 350 trending brands, like Breitling, Lalique and MCM to deliver the perfect mix for the audience at-hand. We can even create unique product bundles, exclusive to that specific audience.

To strengthen the connection and further elevate the customized experience, we bring our expert staff to these events to serve as personal shoppers to ensure that all of the attendees feel valued and supported and to make sure they receive the one-on-one attention they deserve.

Transformational meetings and incentives are in high demand, which begs the question: Can a luxury experience be transformational?

Offering attendees trending merchandise from brands that truly make an impact allows you to make a connection with your audience. Delivering trophy value items of which they can be proud and that resonate long after the event ends, is what keeps people motivated and engaged and gives way to a transformational experience.

How are you using technology to pamper or otherwise “take care of” attendees?

Technology is everywhere today, and plays a vital role in the entire luxury experience. We offer must-have electronics that deliver today’s hottest technology trends, like voice control enabled speakers and wireless earbuds. Beyond that, we round out our luxury experiences with a quick and stress-free checkout process, so guests can swiftly return to their rooms or head to their next excursion. And, because social media plays such a large role in everyone’s lives, we often incorporate selfie-stations into our rewards events, so attendees can post photos to their profiles and further drive enthusiasm for the experience!

Are there any traditional concepts of luxury that attendees still expect? How are you catering to this demand?

Choice will always be a priority for attendees, and as I mentioned, offering carefully selected product assortments is key. Another element that attendees always appreciate is the ability to give feedback. Our events offer attendees a chance to provide input throughout the experience, which makes them feel valued as individuals and strengthens the feeling of luxury. We then take that feedback and infuse it into our next event, so that we can continue to grow and modify the R-SITE experience, in ways that will excite and engage guests.  We’re always seeking new ways to keep things fresh. For example, in the past we have created sunglass fitting events and headphone fitting events, where guests received personalized attention to help select the sunglasses and headphones that were perfect for them. We’ve also hosted events that included massage chair stations and cocktail bars, to further create that VIP experience for attendees.

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