Five Signs Your Annual Meeting Needs a Revamp

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Annual meetings, when executed effectively, are a key tool in boosting confidence, excitement, morale and company loyalty within an organization.

Intended to bring colleagues together in celebration of successes, to work on team building, to receive recognition from management or to assess and set goals, many times these meetings end up missing the mark and falling flat with attendees. If you’re noticing that your attendees seem disinterested and uninspired, it could be a sign your annual meetings are becoming repetitive and it’s time to tweak elements to keep things fresh and attendees engaged.

Below are five signs that it may be time to revamp your annual meeting, along with some tips to help breathe new life into your event!

1. Lack of Enthusiasm

If employees are not excited about the upcoming annual meeting, then it may be time to revamp the status quo. If your meetings follow the same design year after year, it’s inevitable that eventually the agenda will become stale. Hosting interactive reward events during the meeting where employees can redeem points for in-demand merchandise, provides a unique, interactive experience that also elevates the feeling of exclusivity. To further boost enthusiasm leading up to the event and to promote the “VIP” feeling, give attendees sneak peeks of what they can expect this year to build buzz and anticipation.

2. Glazed Over Expressions

Are you being met with glazed over expressions, yawns, or blank stares during elements of your annual meeting? If you’re losing attendees’ attention, it could be a sign of boredom and disengagement. Provide attendees with various activities built-in throughout the meeting agenda, such as on-site recognition and reward events, scavenger hunts and other team-building activities that excite them and bolster engagement. Nobody likes the same old same old, so keep things feeling new and exciting even for those that attend almost every year, so people stay motivated.

3. Welcome Gifts are Left Behind

Giving guests Welcome Bags and gifts for attending the annual meeting is a nice thought, but if the gifts are being left behind, chances are guests receive them as impersonal, impractical or boring. Instead of leaving a universal gift for every attendee, create an emotional connection by giving them the power to choose their own item from a carefully curated selection of trending products from in-demand brands that they desire. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to choose an item they enjoy. They will feel a sense of pride and recognition on how they received the item every time they use it.

4. Low Social Media Presence

Social media has become a significant part of daily life with everyone sharing every moment of their lives on their platforms. If your meeting attendees do not post about your event on their social media channels, that’s a clear sign that they weren’t thrilled to be there and didn’t feel the need to share the experience with anyone. To create more of a buzz around your event, don’t shy away from social media, instead embrace it and encourage that attendees post to their platforms. Create custom hashtags related to the meeting that can be used with every post, and photo frames and filters attendees can include on their pictures. With an on-site, interactive rewards event, provide a selection of products that resonate with your audience to spark a sense of pride and excitement.  Attendees will be eager to share their experience with all their followers and friends, so create a “selfie” station where attendees can pose with their newly chosen item and easily share on their social platforms.

5. Memories Aren’t Being Shared

If the conversation surrounding your annual meeting didn’t carry over after employees returned to the office, it didn’t leave much of an impression. If your meeting attendees were unimpressed and unenthusiastic about the entire meeting, then chances are high that the meeting was a forgettable experience. To make sure your meeting stands out, host reward events that offer a variety of items, from fashion and accessories to the latest electronics so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Not only will this boost morale and excitement, but every time attendees use the reward they will remember your event in a positive light and will want to share memories long after the event is over.

To learn more on how to reenergize your annual meeting through employee recognition programs and on-site reward events, contact Rymax,, 1-866-RYMAX-11.

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