Q&A: Small- & Large-scale Planning + New Planner Perks at Club Med Resorts

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Club Med ResortsWhat’s up with Club Med these days?

Whether small- or large-scale personalization or new planner perks, Michelle Lardizabal, VP of sales, USA, for Club Med Resorts gave us the scoop.

What is Club Med’s approach on the group & incentive market?

This month we’re thrilled to fully roll out our Group Advantage Program, the all new way that Club Med is doing meetings and events. From an all new website and dedicated group section of our resort application, to pricing amenities and perks. Pricing amenities include 5-10 percent discount, along with a free cocktail party and gathering space. A perks calendar based on travel period details additional amenities available to groups. We’re offering perks that range from extra upgrades, to free premium WiFi, additional free guests, to discounts on services in resort. All of this, for groups of 20 to 100 adults. Groups over 100 guests will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, to ensure your group gets everything and anything they need.

This paired with our over 45 years of meeting and events know-how, Club Med has over 65 resorts for your event to be amazing. That’s why we totally revamped our meetings and events offering.

How can planners of large-scale meetings and events personalize a luxury experience?

Club Med is fully equipped to not only offer an all-inclusive experience, but create an environment focused specifically on each group based on their needs.

With our resort buyout program, perfect for groups from 300 to over 1,000 guests, there’s nothing quite like having the freedom of a few hundred acres dedicated to your group. If luxury is what your attendees crave, imagine having an entire suite area (each with a private pool, bar and concierge service) at your disposal.

You set the schedule, choose the menu and tell our Gracious Organizers (G.Os) what the agenda is and we schedule the resort around your group. All activities, group events and entertainment planned on your schedule.

What role does personalization play in creating a luxurious experience for attendees?

Personalization is everything! The ability to offer unique and engaging experiences not available with other brands is our cornerstone. Our goal is to send attendees home excited about flying on a trapeze or learning a new skill from our expert professionals. Team building is a way that we personalize the event to a conference’s message.

And the most luxurious part? The group experience is entirely seamless. From all-inclusive pricing that includes accommodations, drinks, dining, activities, amenities and more, to simplified budgets (no surprise bill at the end) and straightforward terms and conditions. No hassle, just an easy, smooth experience.

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