Caesars Entertainment: Focus on Wellness

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Wellness has become increasingly important to planners and attendees—a trend that continues to grow—and Caesars Entertainment has been ahead of the curve in formulating wellness strategies that address both the mind and body.

In fact, Caesars has made becoming a leader in the wellness sphere of the industry one of its primary missions. Among the many ways they have been accomplishing that goal is by incorporating the following into meeting programs:

  • Wellness speakers who inform and motivate attendees to integrate wellness into their lives.
  • Movement breaks to recharge participants and help them stay focused throughout the event. These can range from yoga and tai chi to guided outdoor hikes and more.
  • Mindful meditations that explore the mind-body connection with activities like paint therapy, chakra readings and puppy lounges. No one could feel anything but rejuvenated after one of these sessions.

Food For Thought

Another way Caesars Entertainment is addressing health and well-being is by revamping their catering menus to include “Commitment to Wellness” options created by a stellar culinary team boasting the industry’s highest honors.

Key features of these new wellness options include a curated selection of delicious and nutritious meals crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients to support overall health and vitality. Caesars catering and convention managers and chefs are happy to customize specially designed menus, while for those looking to incorporate wellness in smaller doses, the culinary team has developed quick and easy dietary swaps like health-conscious substitutes for items such as buffet potatoes and salad dressings.

In addition, Caesars has made it doubly easy for planners to incorporate wellness selections into their programs by not only doing a lot of the nutritional research for them but also by including these options in the catering menu they will already be working with, thereby streamlining the booking process. The new healthy choices will be highlighted by a special “leaf” symbol. 

The goal is to offer holistic health for everyone—which includes accommodating all dietary restrictions—so that every attendee enjoys a delicious, nutrient-rich dining experience that is beneficial for all bodies.

While not currently available, updated menus with wellness aspects added will be launched this year and will at first only be available across the Caesars Las Vegas properties.

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