Caesars Entertainment Goes All-In on Wellness

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caesars wellness
Photo courtesy of Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment is on a journey to help groups increase wellness, from a new meetings wellness menu to event programming and activity options designed to promote physical and mental health.

Caesars Means Business is more than a corporate catchphrase — it’s baked into the company’s DNA nowadays. Caesars Entertainment now is looking to inject wellness into business as usual with its new Caesars Means Wellness initiative, which is designed to make mental and physical health a priority for group meetings and events at its properties, as well as for its own employees. Among the many pieces of the initiative are a new meetings wellness menu, speakers who address physical and mental wellness, and group activities that can reduce stress and increase mental clarity.

To provide a taste of what this new commitment looks and feels like in real life, Caesars Entertainment invited a group of meetings industry journalists to take part in a day of wellness on the Sunday before IMEX America 2023 kicked off with Smart Monday on Oct. 16, followed by three days of a record-breaking trade show at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

We gathered outside the doors of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino bright and early and were invited to munch on delicious breakfast bars, smoothies and other healthy treats before we boarded three rugged-yet-luxe vehicles from Pink Jeep Tours to take a scenic 45-minute drive to the Valley of Fire State Park. Named for the brilliant red sandstone formations that ring the valley, we made several stops to take in the views, take short hikes and learn about the local flora and fauna from the Pink Jeep Tours’ knowledgeable and fascinating guides. We even were treated with a Jeep-side view of a group of mountain sheep rams, who seemed to be holding a meeting of their own before bounding off down the road.

caesars wellness
En route to our last stop in the Valley of Fire, we encountered a vista that served as a backdrop to the scene where Captain Kirk finally completed his five-year mission in a famous death scene in Star Trek: Generations. After taking selfies posed on the rocky overlook, we were led by Dami Kim in a series of mind-body exercises that were a mixture of yoga, tai chi and other pieces of the Korean physical Brain Education exercise system used by Body & Brain. Kim, who is the Nevada Regional Director of Body & Brain Yoga and Health Centers, struck the perfect balance of encouragement and realistic expectations as she helped us teeter our way through the exercises. We also had the chance to learn about the IMEX Wellbeing Challenge from Anthony Salah from Heka Health, which coordinated the challenge.

caesars wellness
On the ride back, we continued to learn about the rich history of the Las Vegas area, from the fierce women who, contrary to popular opinion, were the true founders of the city, to the indigenous people and, of course, all the gangster action for which the old Las Vegas was infamous (that’s over now, our guide assured us, now that The Strip properties are mostly owned by huge hospitality companies). Janice Cardinale from Event Minds Matter also told us a bit about the very real issue of burnout for meeting professionals and what her group is doing to help promote mental wellness in this most stressful profession.

There was a bit of cognitive dissonance as we alit from our Valley of Fire adventure to partake of unbelievably tasty nibbles at the Caesars Palace Restaurant Guy Savoy, concocted our own signature scents for airline-friendly diffusers, courtesy of Tiffany Rose Goodyear of Scentex, then headed off for treatments and more relaxation at the Palace’s 50,000-square-foot Qua Baths & Spa. The day ended on a literal high point as we had an amazing dinner at the Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower Restaurant (special shout-out for the creme brulée, which while probably not very healthy was amazing).

That was just one small taste of the overall new Caesars Entertainment wellness food and activities menu, which is first rolling out at its Las Vegas venues before taking it to other of the company’s top destinations, including Atlantic City and Reno/Tahoe. The healthy food offerings for group events — and individuals who so desire — range from healthy breakfasts to breaks that will energize rather than just provide a sugar and caffeine jolt, including Classic Mid-Morning fruit and muffins, Midday Blues with Greek yogurts and trail mix, and Spa Rejuvenation Breaks with fresh veggies. There’s even an Avocado Toast Break and a Mocktail Beverage Break. The wellness menu also includes plated and buffet luncheon options, hors d’oevres and reception options, and plated dinners that sound both healthy and delicious. There are options available for everyone, including vegan, dairy-free, nut-free and gluten-free.

Kim of Body & Brain, Cardinale of Event Minds Matter and Scentex’s Goodyear are among the wellness speakers Caesars Entertainment has available to help guide groups to a healthier mindset. Wellness activities on the menu include everything from goat yoga to massages to paint therapy.

To introduce meeting professionals to its wellness focus, Caesars Entertainment plans to host an event for Global Wellness Day. Planned for June 13-15, 2024, the event will include wellness speakers, educational sessions, hiking, meditation and yoga, and other wellness activities.

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