2024: The Year of Event & Travel Wellness

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For better wellness, get moving on teambuilding. Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash.

Over the years, some attendees have gotten less out of an event than they’d hoped, coming home exhausted and retaining little of the content delivered. But the escalating trend toward wellness is making that scenario less likely.

More people are pushing for healthier experiences when traveling on business and the industry has responded in what can only be called a groundbreaking shift toward wellness and well-being.

Staying ahead of these trends is critical for planners looking to strengthen connections and maximize ROI while also demonstrating to companies and attendees that their welfare tops the priority list.

Following are some key trends from MyWellCo to keep in mind when planning for 2024 and beyond.

  • Sustainable and Conscious Travel. In addition to worrying about their personal well-being, people are worrying about their planet amid news of social and environmental crises. CSR has become more important than ever, as businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprint and attendees yearn to make a positive impact in the communities they visit. More groups are requesting mindful events and initiatives supporting local areas, so planners and properties need to be prepared to meet these expectations.
  • Wellness Technology. With the ever-present advancements in wellness technology—including the Apple Watch, Oura Ring, and Whoop & Fitbit bands—today’s attendees are tracking every step, REM sleep wave and heartbeat. So even if they don’t realize they’re stressed and sleep-deprived, their devices will tell them. It’s up to event hosts and venues to see that delegates get the necessary rest and healthy F&B they need to stay refreshed and motivated.
  • Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash.

    Event Fatigue. Running on fumes, guzzling coffee to stay coherent, running from session to session—the breakneck scenarios of the past are being replaced by movement breaks, mindful pauses and relaxation zones. Keeping energy management in mind when planning an event will keep attendees charged instead of drained.

  • Better Food Choices. Farmed salmon enhanced with pink dye? Pass. Let attendees know your F&B is mindful of their well-being while also supporting local vendors and small businesses. Don’t forget those with dietary restrictions; offer a variety of palate-pleasing choices. Even those apres-session cocktails can be built in a healthy, plant-focused way. Nutritionists and consultants can help with your food plan.
  • Less Yoga, More Teambuilding. Add yoga fatigue to event fatigue: it’s great, but it’s no substitute for intentional, group-centric activities that encourage connection and teamwork. Something deceptively simple like “Find the Lie” will have participants brainstorming and laughing in no time. It simply requires attendees to share three things about themselves—one being a lie—and challenging the group to figure out which is which.

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