Exclusive: Inside Explora Journeys’ Unique Sail Incentive Option

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explora shipPrevue talks with Explora Journeys’ President, North America, about what this latest luxury lifestyle ocean travel brand offers for incentive travel programs that want to “sail unique.”

There’s no shortage of cruising options for incentive travel planners to choose from. There are mega-ships that are basically floating resorts, with activities and dining options galore. There are adventure cruise ships for groups that want to go where few have gone before. And there are luxury cruise ships that offer a higher level of pampering and exclusivity. Now there’s Explora Journeys, a new luxury lifestyle ocean travel brand of MSC Group with a tagline that offers a different take on the incentive cruise experience — “Sail Unique.”

Explora Journeys offered its first cruise aboard the EXPLORA I last August, and plans to launch its second ship, EXPLORA II, in August after it successfully completed its sea trials in June. Both ships were built for Explora Journeys by Fincantieri in Italy, and more are on the way. The company plans to have a total of six ships on the high seas by 2028.

While some might think a luxury cruise option might be cost-prohibitive for their groups because pricing is fixed regardless of how many guests sail, Explora Journeys’ President, North America, Chris Austin believes the value you gain in the exclusivity and customization a charter allows will more than make up the difference.

Prevue recently caught up with Austin to learn more about the brand, and what the concept of “Sail Unique” means for incentive travel planners.

Prevue: In what ways does Explora Journeys differ from other luxury cruise ship options?

Explora Journeys CSO Chris Austin
Explora Journeys’ President, North America, Chris Austin

Austin: Today’s incentive winners define luxury as personal space, flexibility and choice. Explora Journeys provides nontraditional ocean travel experiences, enabling guests to journey together as a group while accommodating individual preferences. With inclusive pricing, spacious all-suite accommodations, wellness programs and nine distinct culinary experiences, we transport guests to both popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Our goal is to encourage a less-structured approach to incentive group programs, allowing attendees to network and share experiences together while respecting personal lifestyle preferences.

Prevue: What are some of the benefits of chartering an Explora cruise for an incentive group?

Austin: Explora Journeys has developed a category of one, and the experience will allow all our guests to sail unique. Chartering with Explora Journeys offers greater cost control for both planners and attendees. It provides the opportunity to customize dining, entertainment, ports of call, shoreside destination experiences, branding, sponsorship, security and confidentiality. For attendees, there’s a sense of prestige in knowing that a ship has been privately customized for their exclusive use, offering an experience they couldn’t replicate on their own.

Prevue: What types of corporate groups would be a good fit to charter with Explora?

Austin: Our ideal charter clients are those looking to reward and recognize individuals based on their personal preferences and lifestyle choices. They value less structure, more options, a slower pace and a focus on exceptional culinary experiences and wellness programs. With shorter journeys, allowing immersion in the destination, overnights and unconventional arrival and departure times (where suitable) we attract guests seeking to connect with likeminded people. All our guests find their unique “ocean state of mind,” be they lovers of the ocean or new to cruise.

Prevue: What demographics are most drawn to the experience you offer?

Austin: Our target demographic includes affluent, well-traveled and educated individuals who seek authentic cultural experiences that are immersive, personalized and unique. They prefer an active lifestyle and engage with brands that share their values, understand their needs, and have a sense of responsibility for the planet.

Prevue: What else should our readers know about working with Explora Journeys for an incentive trip?

Austin: Explora Journeys is a yacht-inspired, cosmopolitan luxury lifestyle brand, uniquely tailored for incentive travelers. Ideal for those seeking unprecedented experiences, we offer exclusive 7-night journeys through the Mediterranean and Caribbean available through 2026. Our spacious all-suite accommodations range from the 377-square-foot Ocean Terrace Suite to the expansive 3,014-square-foot Owner’s Residence, all featuring private terraces to provide comfortable “homes at sea.”

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