Sustainable Travel Strategies

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sustainable travel
One of the most important decisions a company can make around sustainable travel is whether or not a business trip or meeting is a must.

Some companies have strategies focused on sustainable travel, but many do not.

A new Advito offering called Sustainable Collaboration works with clients to reduce travel demand and mitigate the environmental impact of business travel by helping companies set up effective carbon-offset programs, factor sustainability into travel supplier selection and other such strategies.

Here are a few measures companies can take with their meetings and travel programs:

Assess your organization’s sustainability efforts

The Sustainability in Travel Self-Assessment Tool, created by the Global Business Travel Association and BCD, the parent company of Advito, lets you measure 10 areas of travel program sustainability to identify strengths and weaknesses and provides recommendations for improvement.

Offset carbon

If flying is necessary, consider offsetting the impact of your business travel by calculating the cost of your CO2 emissions and donating that amount to sustainable energy projects around the globe. BCD’s DecisionSource lets you report on your company’s Air Emissions and provides summaries that can be used for COcompensation.

Get travelers involved

Engage attendees by using tools like TripSource to share tips on making business trips more sustainable—such as renting electric cars or using public transportation.


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