Meet Virtually: Turnkey Group Experiences

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Meet Virtually

Meet Virtually, a digital events company, doesn’t want to just help planners produce virtual events. Its aim is to strengthen human connections and create positive change, one virtual experience at a time.

After more than two years of Zoom fatigue and digital events that get the content across but don’t quite hit the networking mark, meeting professionals and attendees alike are eager to get back to face-to-face events. But even when everyone can go back to in-person meetings, many event organizers will keep holding some events digital-only or hybrid now that they have seen the benefits of digital events in terms of expanded reach and more. Meet Virtually is a digital events agency that aims to build on the acknowledged benefits of digital meetings while also addressing some of the things that have been harder to accomplish online: building stronger connections and creating positive change.

Meet Virtually starts with what it calls its Virtual Experience Concierge team, which works with planners to create the experience they need to make those connections through engaging, experiential and informative events. The agency offers a plug-and-play menu of more than 500 interactive activities and entertainment options, each vetted beforehand.

Among its offerings are celebrity demonstrations with chefs such as Massimo Bottura and Robert Irvine, where attendees can dabble in cooking with cannabis, shucking oysters, and designing their own chocolate bars. On the beverage side, Meet Virtually can provide virtual wine, coffee and aged-tea tastings, tequila testings, and insider tips from sommeliers.

Groups with a crafty bent can learn how to design their own succulent terrariums, make candles, knit blankets, tie dye, cartoon like a Disney artist, and even build a ukulele. Also on the virtual event menu are entertainment options such as brunching with celebrities, enjoying Broadway shows — think Wicked and Hamilton — as well as comedy and magic shows and private concerts. Other possible activities include golf lessons with PGA winners, working with NBA atheletes like Magic Johnson to design their own sneakers, and hearing motivational talks from sports legends.

For the adventurous who are stymied in their wanderlust by the pandemic, workday or personal schedules, or any other reason, the agency offers 3D virtual tours of far-flung, bucket-list destinations such as the Serengeti. Attendees use a custom-branded headset to join in the immersive 3D environment, led by a live guide who can answer their questions in real time.

The agency also has partnered with a psychotherapist who can help guide companies on everything from employee retention to increased engagement in meetings.

The agency was created by two seasoned travel, corporate meetings and live events professionals, Michael Friedman and Javier Valdez, whose vision in starting the company was to connect people from around the world and open their eyes and hearts to new cultures and experiences.

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