4 Digital Vaccine Apps

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There’s no universally recognized standard to prove vaccine status beyond the CDC card. But there are digital apps that can help.

With destinations around the world opening up to vaccinated travelers, planners need to ensure that their groups can show vaccine status. There’s no one answer on the best way to do this. First and foremost, experts agree that all travelers should carry their original CDC vaccination card in a plastic sleeve vaccine holder, and keep it in a secure place.

Beyond carrying their original CDC card, make sure attendees have a digital vaccine passport or vaccine card app for backup and to prove vaccination status in multiple ways, which can be especially helpful in overseas destinations.

These apps require users to verify their health information and have security measures like encryption and blockchain technology to protect the privacy of that data. The apps can be shown for travel and border crossings, or to demonstrate compliance with the venue or destination’s health entry rules. As well, there’s an event management platform that can be customized to register the vaccine status of all  attendees. Here are the top choices:

The Clear Health Pass is a health passport that lives in the free Clear app—a biometric service that existed pre-pandemic as a way to skip identity screening lines at airport security. The modular service can be customized for various health entry requirements: For vaccine status, it requires users to upload a photo ID, a CDC-issued vaccination card and a selfie, as well as answer some vaccination details.

CommonPass is a digital health app the shows verifiable proof of vaccination or negative Covid testing by storing vaccine and test results. It is available free of charge at the Google Play or Apple App stores. It requires users to retrieve their vaccination status by uploading their SMART health card.

CrowdPass  is an evolving event management service with QR-enabled access control that verifies health screening, test results, and proof of vaccination for attendees through a digital authentication process. Its health clearance platform can be customized to register all attendees who have proof of vaccination.

VeriFLY is a free wellness app that works with a variety of airlines to verify health requirements, including vaccine status, for select destinations. When people enter data, the app verifies that their vaccine status matches the destination country’s requirements and displays a pass or fail message. This message can help attendees streamline the check-in and documentation verification process at the airport before departure.

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