Five Must-Know Tricks for Planners

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AMRWe all get a thrill from learning another life hack. These clever tips and shortcuts will save your company money, keep events on budget, and ensure the health and safety of attendees. Together, they pave the way for successful meetings even in these challenging times.

1. Be a Flexitarian (for Events)

Changing the date of your incentive meeting may not always be a viable option, but it can unquestionably save you thousands. When you have the flexibility to shift your dates by days, weeks or even months, be sure to inquire about the resort’s opportunity dates and benefit from discounted rates during certain travel windows. Seize the opportunity.

2. Play It Safe

The safety of your attendees has always been paramount. Today, duty of care is broader and more critical than ever. To mitigate risks, only choose venues that have rigorous and certified on-property hygiene and safety protocols, are proactive about COVID-19 testing and quarantining and offer resort and mini buy-out options for easy, social distancing. Align with resorts that choose the side of caution.

3. Go All In with Luxury

Instincts say drop down to a mid-tier property to stay within budget. However, you actually get more by choosing a 5-star, all-inclusive resort. The per-person rate offers upfront price certainty, eliminates your reconciling backend charges and allows more spend to be tax deductible. Plus, inspiring, beachfront settings, luxury accommodations, gourmet options and top-shelf spirits promise your group feels valued and has a memorable experience.

4. Follow the 8-Second Rule

Humans’ attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. This means you have eight seconds for a message to resonate before fatigue sets in. A successful event must tap into as many of the senses as possible. Curate an agenda with video programming, interactive learning, locally inspired foods, breaks by the pool, team building on the beach and event hashtags. You’ll be thrilled by the message recall and an increased meeting ROI.

5. Gain the Early Booker Advantage

Just months away from opening day, new resorts are completing the finishing touches and perfecting the guest experience. They are also promoting special, pre-opening rates. The thought of booking the resort’s lowest-ever rates and being among its first guests is quite attractive. And if it’s a highly-anticipated luxury property like Secrets Moxché or Secrets Impression Moxché Playa del Carmen, the bragging rights alone are worth the savings.

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