Tech Tools We Can’t Live Without, Part 2

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More apps and online organizers from Prevue’s Editorial Advisory Board members and editors

Many thanks to Prevue’s Editorial Advisory Board members who shared their favorite online tools for streamlining meeting planning details and staying organized on the job. Here is part 2 of their recommendations, along with top pics from Prevue’s Editors.

Dave Stevens, PMED, Director, Events, Alation, recommended the following online tools and apps:

Asana for online project management. Functionalities include automating routine work, setting up project templates, creating timelines and more.

Splash for event registration and on-site check-in. Splash captures attendee data through RSVPs and meeting check-ins.

TripIt for travel management and consolidation of travel plans.

Google Translate for language.

Flightradar24 for attendee/VIP flight tracking in real time.

Deidre Young, CMP, CGMP, Meeting Manager, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Defender Services Office, cited these easy-to-use cool tools:

Time and Date Calculator. You can calculate the timing involved in contracts and event planning, create an event calendar, see holidays worldwide and more.

World Time Server for a quick check of every time zone worldwide and an event time zone converter link for attendees.

Doug Wheeler, Principal/CEO, Summit Performance Group, uses the following for event planning and onsite management:

Oanda for currency conversion.

Spotify to create music backgrounds for various events.

Open Table for dinner reservations for VIPs.

Tides Near Me for tide, sunrise and sunset times at oceanfront event locations.

Meeting pros rely on these online tools to provide instant information, help manage complex tasks and save precious time. Here are a few final shoutouts of curated recommendations, from Prevue’s editorial team.

Barbara Scofidio, Prevue’s Editor and Head of Visionary Summits, is a fan of scheduling tool Doodle for tasks such as organizing people’s availability for a group call. Senior Contributing Editor Sue Pelletier, cites for doing a really good job automatically recording and transcribing meeting notes. For quick and accurate weather forecasting before travel, Senior Contributing Editor Regina Baraban always checks The Weather Channel app.

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