How to Travel Healthy: 5 Tips to Stay Energized and Balanced

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Travel wellness expert John Ayo on how to reduce stress and maintain good health while on the road.

Planners are keenly aware of the stressors of travel—and that after the pandemic pause, the likelihood of getting from point A to point B without glitches is even greater. But there’s plenty that can be done to stay healthy, says travel wellness expert John Ayo, chief balancing officer at Travel Balance and a featured speaker at Prevue’s 2023 Meet Well Summit, August 23-25 at Opal Sands Resort, Clearwater Beach, FL. “Overall, as a naturopath, I believe that our body knows how to heal itself,” said Ayo in an interview with Prevue. “I apply that principle to travel. For example, we can reduce stressors that come from things we touch, things we eat and things we hear.”

Ayo’s top five tips for healthy travel:

1. Hydration is foundational to everything. Purchase bottled water once past airport security, or bring an empty water bottle. Drink as much water as possible during the flight, roughly 8 ounces per flight hour. Ask the flight attendant for two glasses of water with no ice as needed. For efficient hydration, add chia seeds—they convert water to a form that is more easily absorbed by the body. Add around one tablespoon of chia seeds per glass of water.

2. Avoid Sugar. Sugar lowers our immune system dramatically. Be aware of the dangers of sugar. You don’t want to get sick the day before an event. Eat healthy snacks when traveling, with lots of herbs, garlic and curry. Remember that grains are one step away from sugar.

3. Reduce electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to reduce stress. Radiation from WiFi, cell phones and other EMFs compromise the body’s ability to heal. Think of your cell phone as an invisible stressor and put it in airplane mode whenever possible.  To reduce radiation’s impact on the plane, sit away from the sun and drink green tea.

4. Travel with essential oil wipes. Essential oils are naturally microbial. On the plane, sanitize around your seat area, especially the tray table, armrests and remote control device.

5. Exercise in the airport and on the plane. Do pre-trip walking at the airport, starting with going to your gate to check for surprises and to know where it is. Walking the length of the airport until it’s time to board your plane is a good way to get in more exercise and help prevent health challenges during the flight.

Check out Ayo’s Travel Balance website to learn more about how to reduce the stressors of travel, including his tips booklet with 52 ways to stay energized, healthy and balanced.

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