Immunity Essentials for Busy Planners

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How are your plans for in-person events going? Are you feeling more confident about your immunity?

During the last 15 months there has been a vast amount of information out there surrounding COVID-19—much of it negative. Hopefully taking steps to build your immunity  while staying healthy has been positive and you feel more confident. I am convinced personal hygiene has vastly improved during this time and am optimistic that public hygiene has too. Airlines, convention spaces and hotels are focused on keeping us safe and comfortable as we return to travel and events.

As you pick up the pace, keep your immune system strong with easy-to-pack wellness tools. Here are a few easily purchased items followed by straightforward ideas to boost your immunity now as you rejoin your professional world.

My Favorites

1. Olba’s inhaler—A classic immune essential oil combination that is in a small tube, the size of a lipstick. To use: Close off one nostril and sniff the inhaler through the other nostril. Repeat on opposite side. As you inhale, you’ll feel the vapors move through your nose, sinuses and lungs.

2. Olba’s cough drops—Strong and effective without containing sugar.

3. Host Defense Energy Support—Cordyceps mushroom, a fantastic immune builder, especially for the lungs. Capsules are easy to travel with and can be taken at the first sign of lung congestion.

Other Ways to Build Your Immunity

• Stay hydrated with filtered or spring water.

• Minimize coffee and alcohol consumption. Both are diuretics, can create inflammation and cause stress. Alcohol converts to sugar which can feed organisms. Choose green tea instead.

• Minimize or eliminate sweets/treats and simple carbs, as they also feed organisms, lower immune resistance and generally create inflammation.

• Eat regularly. This balances blood sugar and minimizes digestive and immune stress.

• Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, as restful sleep builds stronger immunity.

Continue to take good care of yourselves and know that I am sending my healthy wishes to all of you as you re-create your lives, get back on the road to successful events and enjoy life!

Dr. Mary Warren is founder of Road Warrior Wellness. Check out her white paper and webinar on well-being for road warriors here.


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