Dog Cuddles: the Ultimate Team Building Experience

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Montage Deer Valley

Montage Deer Valley in Park City, Utah, has added a new way for groups to get warm after a day on the slopes: dog cuddles.

Chill and soothing animal interactions that are mutually beneficial for us and the animals therein have long been known for miraculous knack for soothing the weary soul. The National Institutes of Health has gone as far as to say such interactions can actually “decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lower blood pressure,” while also “reducing loneliness, increasing feelings of social support and boosting your mood.”

Who needs these three things more than planners and meetings attendees—road warriors who are often far from home for long jaunts at a time.

Montage Deer Valley resort has come up with a plan to quell such on-the-job side effects. A $500 donation to Big Dogs Huge Paws, a Midwest-based animal rescue, adds the possibility of dog cuddles to your meetings mix. The resort’s canine ambassadors, Monty and Summit, are available for meet-and-greets, meetings breaks and other attendees interactions, and attendees also get the feel-good moment of knowing their donation will help other dogs in need find forever homes. The area’s winter snow and cool summer breezes also help the Swiss Bernese Mountain dogs keep their Zen year-round.

In between meetings, when they’re not zip lining, learning the art of archery or venturing into Yellowstone or Moab with a guide, consider a simple meet-and-greet with Monty and Summit.

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