Healthy Habits on the Road

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healthy habits

It’s tough to stay healthy while attending a trade show. But doctors, meeting planners and experts have some tips.

Wellness starts on the airplane, said Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of Future Health Now Encyclopedia. “When you fly, spend as much time as possible with your eyes closed. Even if you can’t sleep, the rest will decrease stress. Use a travel pillow for comfort and to brace your neck and head.”

Next, be careful what you eat. Meeting planner Tracy Stuckrath, president, thrive! meetings & events, who became a food expert after developing a food allergy, advised, “In the morning, have about 10 grams of protein, and avoid sugar. For lunch, add more protein and some vegetables. Eating fresh food with no sugar while on the road is key. You’re paying a lot to go to a conference, the last thing you want is to fall asleep in a session because you’re having highs and lows.”

Also prepare a show floor plan, suggested Larell Scardelli, energy medicine practitioner. “A day or so before, I mark booths in order of importance. That way, I spend my energy connecting with brands important to my mission.”

Former Olympic athlete Samantha Clayton, now v.p. of worldwide sports performance and fitness at Herbalife Nutrition, shared tips to recover from all that walking. “My best friend is ice. You can use it for 10 minutes a couple of times a day.”

For stretching, she recommended the Downward Dog yoga pose and the Figure Four stretch. “You can literally flop onto the bed and you get a lot of relief.”

Scardelli advised attendees to be kind to themselves. “Walk slowly, take deep breaths, listen to soft music, even do a short meditation. This way, you set yourself up with power, strength, and grace to move through the day.”


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