Heathrow Encourages Wellness with First Airport Fitness Studio

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Heathrow Airport

We’ve seen yoga and meditation rooms, nap pods and even therapy pets at airports, and now a recent partnership between London’s Heathrow Airport and FlyFit will bring the world’s first wellness and fitness studio to an airport.

This fall, the FlyFit studio will open in the airport’s Terminal 2: The Queens Terminal. Instructor-led and on-demand interactive strength and cardio classes as well as restorative yoga will be available for attendees looking to spend their layovers wisely. The FlyFit team will even offer passengers on-the-go rental workout clothing, shower facilities and healthy food options at the studio.

Both long-time travelers and fitness enthusiasts, Brian Chappon and Lauren Perkins developed FlyFit in an effort to address challenges maintaining physical health while traveling. “We picked Heathrow as our FlyFit launch partner because they agree with our ethos of changing the way people travel,” says FlyFit CEO and founder, Brian Chappon. “We’re trying to create a new experience in the travel space, and Heathrow invests in its customer experience.”

Each year, Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2 welcomes 16 million of the more than 75 million passengers who travel through the airport on the more than 80 airlines that connect London to more than 180 destinations. After the launch of FlyFit’s first facility, the company plans to add more locations in airports throughout the world.

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