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MeetingJobs offers a highly specialized platform for industry positions.

Meetingjobs offers highly specialized searches for meeting planner jobs, both full-time and contract.

Meetingjobs was founded by former meeting planner Dawn Penfold in 1990 to connect experienced meeting planners with industry positions. A 2020 merger with Cadre, a resource for freelance event industry work, expanded the scope of meeting planner jobs to include short-term contract planner projects and on-site event staff work. Now a redesigned Meetingjobs web site offers an easy to use, robust platform for employers, full-time job seekers and gig economy freelancers.

“We are excited to launch Meetingjobs and provide a dedicated job board for meeting and event professionals,” said Cadre’s President, Todd Taranto. “We understand the importance of having a specialized job board that caters to unique industries, and we look forward to connecting highly qualified professionals with top employers in the meeting and event industry.”

The web site’s “job seekers” page includes tips on resume writing, interviewing and using social media. There are links to more career tips and to career coaching options. Planners can upload a resume and drill down to a job search that meets their qualifications. The three broad search categories are job function, state and workplace type. Within job function are more than 22 links such as corporate meetings, association meetings and academic faculty. Workplace type includes hybrid, onsite and remote.

Meetingjobs current listings range from entry level to executive positions. Titles of featured job openings include meeting planner, event designer and event coordinator.

Given current staff reductions in the tech industry, Prevue asked Penfold if she has seen an increase in job hunters since the tech layoffs began. “About a month ago, I was getting some inquiries and concern from planners in the financial industry,” she said. “That has tapered off. I am not finding jobs being lost just yet.”

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