Expedition Cruises Are a Unique Option for Meetings and Incentives

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Small-boat expedition cruising is on the rise as there is increased interest in visiting remote locations in the most sustainable way possible. One company, AdventureSmith Explorations, has taken charge in organizing these types of journeys.

“Expedition cruising is a perfect match for travelers seeking to check off hard-to-reach, bucket-list destinations sustainably and actively,” explains Todd Smith, founder of the company. “Flexible routes allow for spontaneous exploration and that spirit of adventure that today’s travelers value.”

Alaska, Antarctica, and the Galapagos Islands are the company’s most in-demand destinations for expedition cruising as small ships can navigate narrow inlets and island chains in remote locations, going where larger cruise ships can’t and have the flexibility to explore each place in-depth. Emerging destinations include the Arctic, Indonesia, and Australia, adds Smith.

Hondius is an Antarctic ship. (Photo courtesy of AdventureSmith Explorations)

Another trend Smith points out is the building of small expedition ships purpose-built for polar expedition cruising. Amenity upgrades include helicopter pads, custom-designed inflatable skiffs, private balconies in cabins, advanced efficiencies for off-loading guests, cleaner/greener/more efficient vessels, high-tech stabilizers for a smoother ride, and more.

AdventureSmith’s fleet of ships are designed for maximum resource recycling and has a strict policy of leave-no-trace, which includes a ban on plastic bags. The company also works with local non-profits to contribute to local economies and participate in educational and conservation programs. Plus, participating in citizen science initiatives and beach clean-ups are a unique team-building exercise for groups.

AdventureSmith offers small cruises to destinations such as the Arctic, Galapagos, Antarctica, Indonesia, Australia, and Alaska. Arranging for an incentive group to take  an expedition cruise is a sure way to motivate. Participants can choose to relax on the sundeck on a Mediterranean yacht or participate in high-energy excursions such as skiing and snow-camping in the Arctic. The flexibility and customizable nature of small-boat expedition cruises make them group-friendly.

For more information, go to AdventureSmith Explorations, or click here.

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