BOCOM Redefines Congresses

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BOCOM will take place simultaneously at sites around the world, including Vienna, Amsterdam and Washington, DC

Part prototype, part test lab, BOCOM, being held April 23, is a multi-site congress featuring hands-on technology and content presented by 200-plus experts.

Imagine a conference that takes place simultaneously at multiple sites around the world with no language barriers and the ability for anyone to take part via live-stream. That is the dream behind the “BOCOM–Experience Borderless Communication” congress, slated for April 23, 2020.

Part of the German Convention Bureau’s “Future Meeting Space” initiative, BOCOM will feature hands-on technology labs and content presented by 200-plus experts in fields, from event planning and marketing to communications and human resources. A central hub with labs in Berlin will be interconnected with de-centralized locations including Vienna, Amsterdam and Washington, D.C.

Designed as a prototype and test lab, BOCOM invites participants to experience and engage with technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), remote simultaneous interpreting and conversational interfaces. On-site attendees create individual customer journeys and everyone receives an agenda customized to their interests with keynotes, hands-on sessions, collaborative workshops and analog networking during coffee breaks.

“Digital transformation is not something that will happen ‘at some point.’ We are already in the midst of it,” said Matthias Schultze, managing director, German Convention Bureau (BOCOM’s initiator and consortium leader). BOCOM provides a venue for people to jointly experience and discuss the potential of a decentralized conference, he said.

Organizations are looking to save resources, act sustainably and rethink how employees of diverse backgrounds can communicate and collaborate. “With digital tools for interpreters to minimize language barriers, BOCOM can bring people together who otherwise might never meet due to language barriers, geographical distance or lack of resources.”

U.S. meeting planners are invited to attend at no charge via live stream.

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