Business Travelers Can’t Wait to Travel Again

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business travelers
New survey tracks experience of business travelers during COVID-19.

A new survey has found that 64 percent of business travelers enjoy their job less without travel and almost half (48 percent) are considering a change of occupation.

The research on business travelers was conducted by Censuswide in partnership with PromoLeaf, and tracks how business travel has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the findings, 45 percent of respondents estimate that their company has lost over 20 percent of revenue, while nearly 14 percent estimate they had lost 40 percent or more.

“People that traveled on a regular basis, enjoyed the variety and being able to be with different people everywhere they went,” said Susan Avery, president, Andromeda Group. “Each business trip provided learning moments. The travelers had more to share upon arrival back home.”

Motivation, productivity, and even the mental health of travelers were given as factors that have suffered due to lack of business travel, while the lack of human connections was given as one of the key things that business travelers miss the most. More than half (51 percent) said they missed exploring new places due to the lack of business travel. Other responses included missing bleisure trips, time away from the desk, and face-to-face time with clients and colleagues.

“I miss travel, face-to-face networking, education, the happiness from our clients and suppliers for great programs,” said Doug Wheeler, principal, Summit Performance Group, connectUNIVERSAL. “And what makes our industry so great and important – regular human-to-human interaction.”

Just under a third (32 percent) of respondents said the lack of business travel had impacted their company, while 37 percent said the lack of travel had a positive impact. Although those respondents who reported the change as positive were among the category that previously traveled more than once a week (60 percent).

“While I have appreciated learning to appreciate all that I have at home and the ability to enjoy my local area, I am itching to travel and explore again,” said Josh Adams, industry relations strategist, streamlinevents. “With a heightened sense of just how precious and tenuous life is, there is a renewed sense that there is still so much to experience, and somehow, a certain urgency that goes along with that feeling.”

The research found that 45 percent of respondents had missed 10 trips or more, and while video calls had largely replaced business trips and in-person meetings, 42 percent thought it was somewhat or very ineffective as a replacement, while 44 percent felt it was somewhat or very effective.

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