What’s All the Buzz About Innovation Meetings?

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Innovation Meetings are designed to set the stage for creative brainstorming.

Now more than ever, companies realize that innovation is a key factor for prosperity and growth. That business reality has spawned a new category of meetings: Innovation Meetings

To create a culture of innovation—where ideas come from all stakeholders—requires various strategies and tactics, including, importantly, taking people off site to Innovation Meetings. Ira Ozer, CPIM, CEP, CRP and CEO of Innovation Meetings, defines five elements of an Innovation Meeting:

Inspirational Location

The destination and venues selected should be curated to places where inventions were created, a historical event occurred, or that are inspirational in another way such as natural beauty or venues that focus on innovation. Innovation Meetings can be held on site at company locations, but the benefits of holding them off site include participants being less distracted from their day-to-day jobs, having a fresh perspective and change of pace, observing a new place with different customer experiences, understanding various cultural and business perspectives, and collaborating with people from other places and roles.

Innovative Set-Up

Traditional meeting set ups such as theater, classroom or banquet can be supplemented with more casual or innovative seating such as couches, floor cushions, bean bag chairs, walks or playful setups in lofts and parks.

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Start with an innovation keynote speaker who will inspire, motivate and challenge your audience to not only think outside the box but will spark the imagination to solve complex problems with unique and creative methods.

Innovation Assessment

The participants are assessed for their innovation style. There are a number of fun and engaging assessments and exercises, such as Personality Poker and the Motivators Assessment.

Innovation Training

People need to be trained about how to be creative and innovative. Although many people are naturally inquisitive, most company cultures are not supportive of thinking outside of the box and the processes they have established. Innovation Facilitators can be brought in to provide activities to spark that creativity.

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