Women Join Forces at IMEX’s Pink Hour

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Pink Hour at IMEX Frankfurt

Women are joining forces in the events industry, with organized gatherings happening at major industry events this year.

One of the first was at IMEX Frankfurt this past May. The German events industry magazines “tw tagungswirtschaft” and “m + a” in conjunction with IMEX Group conducted a survey asking if women in the events industry felt like equal partners or assistants. Of the 3,059 female respondents, only three in 10 said they felt equal in terms of salary, and six in 10 women said they do not believe they have the same career aspects as their male counterparts. That survey led to the industry’s first Pink Hour at IMEX, which invited all the women in the events industry to exchange ideas.

Present at the Pink Hour was IMEX Group CEO Carina Bauer. In this interview, we get the low-down from Bauer about the event and how women are shaping the industry.

How was the survey of women in events represented at IMEX Frankfurt?

We presented the results and findings of the survey at the Research Pod of the Inspiration Hub (our on-floor learning and education center); a full story was available in tw magazine; and we also did handouts at the Pink Hour. 

How did the survey correlate with the Pink Hour?

The findings were available as handouts at the Pink Hour, although the main objective of the Pink Hour was networking and connecting with peers and friends, old and new, in the global meeting industry. Further, the initial tw and IMEX announcement of the survey tied in with International Women’s Day on March 8, 2017.

What did the Pink Hour consist of exactly, and can you also describe what happened during this gathering?

The Pink Hour was an event at the booth of IMEX’s survey partner tw tagungswirtschaft on Wednesday of the show. The party was meant to be welcoming and fun. We didn’t expect it to be as crowded as it was, but lots and lots of women joined in, which was really fun. The whole atmosphere was very friendly and energetic. You could meet and see women from all corners of the globe. There were pink decorations and pink cupcakes, and we asked people to come with a pink accessory to celebrate and capture the spirit. Overall, it was just a really nice opportunity to connect and celebrate the talented women of the industry in a relaxed setting.

What did female attendees who attended benefit from the gathering?

Connection and camaraderie were the main takeaways I think. You could network with and meet new women from all around the globe and across the industry, or reconnect with old friends and colleagues. Conversation was free flowing, positive and energetic, without the pressure of specific business goals.

Do you have any future gatherings or networking events in the works?

It’s probably safe to say you’ll be hearing more from us on women-focused learning and networking opportunities at future shows. Stay tuned.

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