New No-Cost Testing for Events

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Convenient at-home testing kits offer ease of mind to attendees.

A new no-cost testing solution for meetings and events has been developed to assist the industry in returning to safe in-person events.

AIM Meetings and Events has teamed up with Inspire Diagnostics and Unisys Corporation to offer a COVID-19 testing program for meetings and events with no out-of-pocket costs.

The comprehensive monitoring program has been designed to ensure meeting planners can return to holding safe in-person events. The program utilizes EUA-authorized tests to identify both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals with COVID-19, using convenient at-home kits.

“We had been trying to find a way to assist our industry to come back safely and have attendees feel comfortable about attending events, meetings or gatherings,” said Walter E. Galanty, Jr., president, AIM Meetings and Events. “While each state and even counties within states have different size and distancing restrictions, whether a rapid test or a PCR test is administered, attendees need to feel safe that the event is taking every precaution with their health.”

Meeting attendees can order their test at least five days prior to the start of the meeting. There is no out-of-pocket cost to the attendee, as the kit is paid for either by insurance or the CARES Act. A confirmation email is sent to the participant upon ordering, and a kit is posted by two-day UPS. The test is then taken and sent back in an overnight pre-paid UPS package that is included with the test. Results are sent to the participant by email within 24-hours of the receipt of the test by the lab. Meeting planners are advised to order a supply of on-site 10-minute rapid testing kits for any attendees who may have forgotten to take their test ahead of the event. There is a minimal cost for these rapid tests and around 10 percent of attendance is the advised supply.

“For at least the rest of the year, some form of testing is here to stay,” said Galanty. “Having a no-cost testing option available to meeting planners and a program that is relatively turn-key offers meetings and events a chance to begin again in some form. We got involved to try and assist all of our meeting planner friends with another option for safe meetings.”

A user app is available for onboarding, scheduling, ordering and results. The U-PASS digital health passport, designed by Unisys Corporation and Inspire Health Alliance, provides non-transferable and irrefutable health status validation that can be used for travel and access, and includes HIPAA/CDC-compliant data management, security and personal health information protection and privacy. A management interface is also available to create and provide health metrics visibility for an individual or the larger group.

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