Survey: Planner Burnout is Real

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Sustaining mental health at meetings has become a planning imperative.Mental health is a priority for planners and attendees alike after the pandemic pause.

Mental health is no longer a whispered concern. Who among us did not become emotionally stressed in the past few years? Today, prioritizing wellness in our daily lives, and at meetings, is an acknowledged and important trend. Planners, suppliers and attendees alike are finding that a centered, positive headspace is essential for personal and business success.

PCMA’s most recent COVID-19 Dashboard Survey, conducted in April, drilled deep into respondents’ wellbeing and mental health concerns after two-plus years of working during pandemic uncertainties. 399 planners and 181 suppliers were surveyed. More than 1/3 of the planners said they were “anxious about the the future” or “exhausted and burned out.” Finding work life balance was the biggest source of burnout for both planner and supplier respondents. When asked to describe their symptoms of burnout, 88 percent of the planners said they felt exhausted, 78 percent said they felt negative about their job, and nearly half said they were less efficient.

Concurrently, in response to attendee needs for wellness, four out of 10 planners surveyed said they are adding mental health and work life balance topics to meeting education, as well as more wellness activities and offerings. This includes expanded networking opportunities, more options for movement/wellness activities, healthier F&B options and providing more “white” space to get rested and revived.

To learn how organizations are rethinking events to build in time for rest and restoration, elements of joy, and opportunities for attendees to connect and support each other, don’t miss Prevue’s Meet Well Summit at the fabulous Lake Nona Wave Hotel in Orlando June 17-19. Speaking on Mental & Emotional Health: The New Priority, Stephanie Harris, President, Incentive Research Foundation, will discuss how mindset, movement and nutrition can transform the meeting experience and help attendees walk away forever changed.

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