Find Otherworldly Inspiration in Northern Canada

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Igloo building experience (photo credit: Martina Gebarovska)

Northern Canada offers a myriad of possibilities for incentives that will inspire your team and strengthen your corporate culture, which is now more important than ever.

Igloo Building Experiences in Northern Canada

The northern territories of Canada offer awe-inspiring backdrops, including everything from rolling Arctic tundra to beautiful boreal forests, that will wow any incentive group.

Give your award winners a true sense of wilderness adventure with a visit to Blachford Lake Lodge. Just getting to the isolate resort is part of the experience, as groups must take a 25-minute bush plane flight from the city of Yellowknife, soaring above glaciers and snow-covered meadows.

Blachford Lake Lodge offers many benefits of a luxury hotel in a true wilderness setting.

During the summer months, teams can bond over activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and fishing; while during the winter, they can experience the icy terrain up close with snowshoeing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling. The pristine landscape is also the perfect setting for watching the aurora borealis due to its remote location, unpolluted by artificial light and noise.

Bring your team together in the shared task of building igloo, fostering collaboration amongst the group. The igloo is a traditional Inuit winter dwelling that has been used for countless generations, with the earliest written evidence of igloos dating from 1576. Challenge your team to work together in the crisp snow to build their own igloo using traditional Inuit methods of construction, and then celebrate their accomplishment with local culinary treats, observing the enchanting display of the aurora above, in the snow shelter that they collaborated to construct.

Aqua Gliding experience (photo credit: Lazy Bear Expeditions)

AquaGliding in Churchill

Reward your team with a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with beluga whales and polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, located on the edge of the Arctic.

Home to 500 species of arctic wildflowers and boreal plants, more than 225 species of birds, and over 300 nights of aurora borealis activity, Churchill was an important fur trading post for the Hudson Bay Company from the 18th century onwards. 

The experience of life in Northern Canada will leave a mark on your team’s collective memory as they embark on an outdoor arctic adventure and explore the rocky Hudson Bay coastline. Polar bears make Churchill their summer habitat after leaving the melting sea ice, and groups often see them swimming and exploring the ice. The summer also sees 60,000 beluga whales descend upon the area to feed, mate and give birth in the near-coastal waters.

Groups can stay at the Lazy Bear Lodge, an authentic northern log cabin made from timber reclaimed from forest fires. From here, they can intimately observe polar bears in their natural habitat, while also encountering arctic fox, arctic hare and other wildlife. For a truly unique experience, send your team out on an adrenaline pumping boat tour, to the area where the beluga whales congregate, for an AquaGliding adventure. During this unforgettable trip, your team will lay flat on a floating mat, tethered behind a zodiac, and watch as the chirping belugas glide through the waters and approach them. Afterwards, return to the cozy wood-fire heated log lodge and dine on local Indigenous foods such as braised peppered elk, arctic char and Manitoba bison. This surreal shared experience will bring your team together and foster new inspiration.

Tundra Buggy dining experience (photo credit: Frontiers North Adventures)

Tasting in the Tundra

Create unforgettable experiences amid the wonderous wilderness of the Canadian North, surrounded by mountainous icebergs and endless, peaceful Arctic tundra.

Spend the day locking eyes with polar bears on a Polar Safari, listening to the chirping sounds of beluga whales or dog-sledding through boreal forests before heading for a memorable meal under the northern lights. Take your team out across the frozen Churchill River in a massive, custom-built Tundra Buggy for a remote dining experience at 58° North latitude. Groups will navigate the frozen terrain of the Canadian subarctic, before arriving at the unique, pop-up restaurant Dan’s Diner. Panoramic windows and skylights offer an unobstructed view of the amazing dance of the aurora, and the surrounding snow and twinkling stars—if you can tear your eyes away from the regional delicacies on your plate.

Looking to give your team a unique experience, gliding above the clouds? Reward your group with an exclusive hot air balloon experience soaring over Arctic Bay on Baffin Island. Your team can keep a look out for polar bears crossing the ice and narwhals in the ocean, while enjoying glasses of champagne and regional nibbles at the top of the world.

If your team is looking to learn about some of the Indigenous cultures in Canada, visit Aurora Village, an entirely Indigenous-owned settlement consisting of 21 traditional teepees surrounding a pristine frozen lake. Located in the middle of the Auroral Oval, the site is one of the best places in the world for viewing the northern lights. Groups can try their hands at ice fishing on the frozen lakes, learning the traditional practices of the Indigenous Peoples who have fished these waters for generations. After exploring the ice fishing holes, groups will take their catch back to the teepees and learn how to prepare the fish, before cooking it over an open fire with some traditional bannock and soup—under the majesty of the mystical light show above.

Whatever your team is looking for, there is an unbelievable experience waiting for them in Canada. For impartial insights and advice, and to learn more about the vast number of transformational incentives available in Canada, get in touch with Destination Canada’s Business Events team, who will be able to help you personalize your incentive program for your team’s every want and need.

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