Sweet Delights in French Canada

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Sucrerie de la Montagne sugar shack

Create an unforgettable experience for your team amid the epic forests and mountain ranges of French Canada, as they discover the unique cultures of the region. Skiing, hiking and mountain biking through the stunning scenery are just some ideas for group activities, while arranging a traditional sugar shack experience will become a talking point in a company’s culture for years to come.

The sugar shack, or cabane au sucre, is a tradition deeply rooted in the culture of Québec and takes place during the sugaring off season in the months of February, March and April. Here groups will discover the centuries old French Canadian method of making maple syrup. First the tree is tapped with a spout, then the sap is collected in a pail and transported to a traditional wood-fired evaporator, where it is transformed into maple syrup.

Imagine impressing your team with a horse-drawn sled ride through the winter forest to a sugar shack such as Sucrerie de la Montagne, located in a 120-acre forest of century-old maples atop Mont Rigaud, west of Montréal. Welcome them with a warm glass of cariboo (mulled wine) before an immersive experience of learning the methods and traditions behind creating maple syrup. Afterwards celebrate their success with French Canadian fare and local entertainment such as traditional Québecois live music, before they retire to the roaring bonfire for storytelling and songs, over samplings of maple sugar pie and frozen taffy. 

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