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Alexa virtual assistant

How Top Electronics Trends Can Help Motivate and Excite Your Meeting Attendees.

“Alexa, motivate my meeting attendees.”

A seemingly simple, yet unrealistic request, even for Alexa.

Motivation is not something that can be turned on or off… certainly not just by the sound of your voice. Instead it’s something that is stirred up and stimulated by an emotion, by knowing what makes people tick, what they value, and what they need.

While Alexa may not be able to motivate your meeting attendees with a simple voice command, she can instead motivate them as a trending product that’s currently driving the consumer electronics category. Virtual Assistants like Alexa continue to be at the top of everyone’s wish lists and the demand is expected to continue through the next four years. In fact, Forrester Research predicts that by 2022, more than 66 million households in the U.S. will have a smart speaker like Alexa… that’s half of all U.S. households.

What this means for meeting planners

Meeting organizers seeking new ways to excite and engage guests should abandon traditional room drops and pillow gifts and instead connect with guests through on-site, interactive reward events that offer the very best of today’s merchandise trends. Through a strong selection of today’s most in-demand products, like “Alexa”,  these events can inspire, energize and satisfy even the most hard-to-please attendees, thus turning a basic, lackluster meeting into a unique and memorable experience not to be missed.

Keep in mind that every audience comes with their own distinct tastes and demands. It’s essential to have a strong understanding of their individual preferences to ensure that you’re building a rewards experience that offers a range of products that they value, including both everyday necessities and more elaborate indulgences.

Ultimately, to successfully build a unique and exclusive reward experience that offers the right mix of must-have products for your attendees, you need to align yourself with the right partner.  To ensure that you stay engaged with everyone in your target audience, and that your meeting will be one to remember, find a partner who:

  • Is a merchandise expert
  • Has access to today’s most in-demand premium products from top brands
  • Can strategically craft the perfect mix of products that appeals to your specific audience
  • Is nimble and can easily adapt to the quickly-changing retail landscape

We’re Rymax. We check all the boxes.

Let us assist you.

Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.

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