4 Ways to Earn the Respect of Your Exec Team

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earn-respect-from-colleaguesAs a millennial, I’ve had to overcome stereotypes, but a stereotype is not reality – it’s a perception (often from someone who has not walked in your shoes).

I focus on being the best friend, person, leader and business woman that I can. I don’t set myself up to go into a situation with a negative mindset or assuming I’m going to be treated in a certain manner. I assume the best and excel at what I do. Results speak for themselves, and I constantly perform at the highest level and exceed all targets. Below are four things I’ve done to quickly earn the respect of my senior executive team:

Think About the Size of the Company

I chose to work at a small company. Instead of being one of thousands of employees fighting to stand out, I wanted regular face time with the CEO, CFO and COO. I had constant interaction with them. They they were able to witness my work ethic and strategic thinking firsthand. I learned so much and got hands-on experience in all facets of business from customer service to marketing to sales.

Have Clear & Consistent Communication

We are all busy and get caught up in assignments. It’s easy to forget to spend time with team members, let alone focus on their growth areas and leadership development. Make it easy for your boss and your boss’ boss to know what you are working on by sending a weekly or monthly email. Recap what you accomplished, what you are working on, your upcoming priorities and education/leadership experiences.

Take on Key Assignments

Even though you are busy and have a lot on your plate, take on key assignments.  Ask to take on projects that give you high visibility to the executive team and that focus on new and innovative ideas. Once the team sees how well you handle the project, you will be become their “go-to” for future high stake projects. Projects may not be presented to you, so ask for them. Ask your CEO and boss what projects you can take on to help out with key initiatives.

Build Your Personal Brand

Make yourself known for something. Don’t be like the group of everyone else you work with. Get speaking gigs. Write a blog. Become a columnist and get published. Be known for something that adds value to the company that not everyone else in the company can do.

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