5 Perks That Will Attract Millennials to Your Company

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Modern office; Photo Credit: Venveo/Unsplash

As millennials continue to take the job market by storm, it’s important to recognize their work ethic, near-constant availability through connectivity and innovative thinking.

In return for the value they bring, millennials insist on having unprecedented workplace amenities, and progressive employers are integrating them in an effort to transform the modern workplace. If you hope to be one of those employers, here are some perks you’ll want to consider offering.

Lose the Dress Code

Dress codes are so 2004. As time has progressed, workplace dress codes have become more and more relaxed. Conventional wisdom once said that a lax dress code can equate to a lazy office, but subsequent generations have proven that office styles can be both professional and relaxed without harming workplace efficiency. If you’re creating or revisiting these rules, make sure you’re taking into account the current climate and overarching style of the workers you’re looking to employ.

Encourage Breaks…

Breaks keep the mind fresh. Be sure to give employees plenty of opportunities to take breaks from their work. Breaks give employees a chance to move around within the workspace, helping to reset the mind and equip workers to keep up productivity. By keeping moving, employees give their bodies a burst of energy and keep them from feeling too stiff.

…And Wellness

Health and wellness are top priorities among millennials. For further efforts to help employees stay healthy, consider offering workout training during lunch. Many companies offer yoga classes or guided meditation for employees during breaks to help keep them relaxed and focused throughout their day. Millennials are very health-conscious, and potentially eliminating some gym time from their day means they’ll have more time to work. Also, consider providing healthy snacks in break rooms to keep employees nourished and productive.

Let Employees Bring Pets

Pets just make the day better. Man’s best friend is a best friend for more people than ever before. Think about instituting a pet-friendly office for those employees who’d like to bring their furry friends to work. Some tweaking can make the rules work for everyone (i.e., behavioral standards, designated pet areas, no pottying inside, etc.), and it can be a stress-reliever for many workers to have a pet to pet occasionally.

Celebrate Your Employees

Perks show a company cares. Implement office perks to show your employees they’re regarded and valued. Celebrating birthdays, and try potlucks or gift exchanges for office holiday parties. Even small, personal gestures can make your employees feel like they are part of a team.

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