San Diego Marriott’s Millennial Committee Engages Younger Attendees

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Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina, part of Marriott’s Convention & Resort Network, is one of several hotels looking to tap into its millennial clientele. The fastest way to achieve this is through its very own Millennial Committee, mostly made up of younger employees who work together to create ways for the hotel to engage millennials. Prevue spoke with Natalie Reichel, sales coordinator supervisor at the hotel and a member of its Millennial Committee, to get a better understanding of how the committee predicts what’s new and next in the industry.

Why did the hotel decide to create the Millennial Committee?

With the millennial generation becoming the largest demographic of travelers, Marriott is focused on fulfilling our travel wants and needs. As a hospitality provider, Marriott understands that the millennial guest desires to have a unique experience, rather than just take a trip. Marriott is constantly innovating their rooms, technologies and service processes to ensure that millennials are experiencing personalized stays and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

How does the committee define what the millennial audience is and what it wants? 

We have identified the millennial generation as those typically born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s. Based on social and industry research, this generation has a wanderlust mentality and is more attracted to destinations that offer a cultural experience. Millennials are dependent upon their technology and mobile devices for research, reading and providing reviews, and staying connected. In the same effect, millennials like the freedom to have physical or digital interactions.

What is required of you as a member of the hotel’s Millennial Committee? 

Members of our committee are forward thinking and enthusiastic about creating and implementing new ideas geared towards enhancing the millennial traveler’s experience during his or her stay. While it’s not a requirement, members on our committee are of the millennial or Generation Y age.

What have been some of the most creative ideas to come out of the committee?

  • Beehives and Local Brew: We created a small honeybee safe haven located on our South Tower’s third-floor rooftop. We worked with local brewery, Monkey Paw, to create Honeycomb Harvest Ale, an exclusive ale brewed using the honey from our beehives. We are also currently working with Stone Brewery to create a seasonal craft beer using our honey.
  • Social Media Awareness and Contributions: We encourage content generation from our associates for use on our social platforms via a content contest.
  • In-Room Yoga: While the Millennial Committee didn’t necessarily create this, it was an initiative created by fellow millennial and committee member, Hella Neumann. I assisted with the production and implementation. Offering this convenient amenity has been a major win as guests of all ages have provided positive feedback. 
  • Upcoming Initiatives: To bring our local culture into the hotel, we are updating our North Tower Lobby into a local art exhibition. We are also currently researching a robotic butler to assist with delivery of items and more to create personal and memorable experiences around the hotel.

Why do you think it’s important for the hotel to have a millennial committee for future growth of the brand? 

Maintaining a Millennial Committee will ensure the hotel and brand have a consistent influx of new ideas focused on improving the travel experience for this important demographic. The members of the committee keep each other excited and accountable for implementation of these initiatives, which will translate into enhanced guest stays and, therefore, repeat business.

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