What Defines a Millennial Meeting Space?

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Millennial meetings

Millennials continue to perplex older generations due to their on-the-go lifestyles that blur the lines between professional and personal.

This new generation believes work and play go hand and hand, which means they demand much more out of their meeting spaces. The days where meeting venues were simply used to provide a pad of paper, a pen and a projector are becoming fewer, as younger attendees want to make the most of their time and the space in which they spend it. While having a tech-savvy venue is a given, here are five additional ways to create a millennial meeting space that will surely engage attendees of all ages.

Incorporate Games

Play is fundamental to creativity, which is why having games in your meeting space can spark some serious talent. Consider spreading Legos, Slinkys and other childhood toys across the meeting room table to inspire ideas. Outdoor events could incorporate life-sized Jenga, a giant Connect Four board or a full-sized shuffleboard court to encourage strategy and collaboration.

Create a Blank Canvas

Millennials like flexibility. They don’t want to be enclosed in a rigid space. That’s why having moveable furniture, white boards on wheels or even writable walls in the meeting room give these younger attendees the ability to make the space their own in a limited amount of time. Or do away with the meeting room altogether and hold a meeting in an unexpected and inspiring place.

Have a Third Space

Because millennials like to work from anywhere, there’s no need for them to necessarily be seated at a desk in a hotel room to get the job done. Take note from the offices of trendy Silicon Valley tech companies drenched in informal work spaces, with couches, stair seating and café-style booths, and then find a meeting venue with similar offerings. By having this third space available (outside the typical work and home spaces), attendees will continue the networking even when the meeting ends for the day.

Be Different

Yes, millennials have been known to take a selfie or two because they value individuality. Without sounding too cliché, creating Instagram-worthy spaces or decorations is important, but not just for photo taking, for creating memorable conversations and experiences that will keep attendees of all ages coming back. Having characters that attendees can pose with, photo booths or centerpieces that adhere to the event theme will guarantee some good memories.

Don’t Forget Social Responsibility

Lastly, millennials seek venues that emphasize environmental and social responsibility. That includes using sustainable foods for event menus and offering meeting rooms that let in natural light. But it also includes a venue that gives back to the local community, whether this means CSR programs that fight hunger or puppy cuddling meeting breaks where attendees can cuddle with puppies from local shelters—a win-win for everyone involved.

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