My Biggest Meeting Planning Pet Peeve Is…

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What I Know

“My biggest meeting planning pet peeve is poor customer service. There is nothing worse than planning and working closely with a hotel for several months/years than to arrive onsite to receive mediocre service. Being part of the hospitality industry, I do not expect anything less can than a great experience in this area of service.” — Kari Messenger, CMP, meetings manager, Association Management Center

“When clients do not realize the depth of our work and how much time and effort goes into becoming a subject matter expert in this field. Executing a successful event is more than making a few phone calls and booking an exciting venue. Yes, the attendee experience is incredibly important, but it is equally important to ensure that due diligence is done when selecting a destination. You must think about all of the risks (regulatory, financial, safety and reputational) associated with signing a legally binding contract. A planner’s approach spans across the entire meeting. Not only do professional planners have the knowledge for the best locations to source and how to appropriately contract, but we are also up to speed on major trends in our industry. We also ensure that all of the small details are managed in such a way that the event comes together just as the executive host of the meeting envisioned. Professional planners are also known for keeping our cool under pressure, so if something goes wrong (as it always does), the impact to the meeting and the attendees is minimized, if felt at all.” — Sabrina Colquitt, CMP, senior meeting & event planner at a large financial services firm

“Executing a successful event is more than making a few phone calls and booking an exciting venue.”

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