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Cairns Convention Centre

Cairns Convention Centre Expansion Now Open for Business

The newly opened expansion of the Cairns Convention Centre in Queensland, Australia, showcases the city’s business heart and nature-loving soul.

Live Events Rank High With Associations

Live events retain their position as the top-rated member engagement tool for associations, but new digital engagement tools are gaining ground the fastest.
association meetings

Big Challenges for Association Meetings

Association meetings have undergone a seismic shift as the result of COVID,-19 according to the just-released Association Communications Benchmarking Report from Naylor Association Solutions. The...

California Opens to Meetings of 5,000

California has announced that it will open to big meetings of 5,000 starting in June, raising hopes that other states will soon follow.

Make Yours a Must-Attend Meeting

Prospective convention attendees have many options for investing their time and money. As registrations are on the decline, how can you create a must-attend meeting?

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