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A Solution for Sustainable Swag

Sustainable swag in the form of a digital wallet would be far more effective than a physical item of dubious value with a simple corporate logo and little else. 
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Tree Gifts: The Sustainable Event Giveaway That Keeps Growing

If you want to provide a lasting, meaningful gift that is not only sustainable but will continue to grow over time, think tree gifts.

Time to Dump the Swag Bag?

It's time to revisit the value of the swag bag to see if there may be better options.
5 Gifting Strategies for Planners from Marty Bear, president, PMSI Promotions

Gifting Trends and Tips for Planners in a Volatile Marketplace

Marty Bear, president, PMSI Promos, on gifting trends and strategies in the current meetings landscape.
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COVID-19 and Promo Products

Today’s promo products are being created with the health and well-being of the recipient in mind.

Coronavirus Impacts Meetings

The coronavirus or COVID-19 is a serious public health threat that is impacting travel, meetings, conferences and conventions and here is what you should do.

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