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Who better to share their packing tips than our road warrior readers?

Who better to share packing tips than our road warrior readers? Here’s what they suggest:

1) Pack shoes in drawstring bags and keep their shape with socks or other items rolled up inside them. It takes up less space.
2) Keep a lightweight pair of walking sneakers, workout leggings and a top in your suitcase so you always have something to exercise in or just walk around in if there are travel delays. You don’t want to end up with only dress clothes and heels.
3) Put some dried fruit and nuts in a small plastic container, which is then useful for bringing back the occasional chocolates you may get in a hotel without having them melt or break.
4) Instead of carrying perfume, soak one cotton ball per day in perfume, wrap them tightly in Saran wrap, then roll them in a Ziploc bag. They are so small and fit anywhere, and it eliminates the liquid issue.
5) Scrape eye shadow, blush and other makeup into contact lens containers so you don’t have to travel with the full amount.
6) Use cloth make-up removers (Merle Norman) instead of carrying liquid.
7) Rather than check luggage, use two of the largest bags allowable by airline standards and tuck your purse into one when getting on the plane.
8) Try the Wraparound Waist to store lip balm, credit cards, money, passport, etc.
9) In addition to double-bagging toiletries in Ziploc bags, throw the bags into a plastic laundry bag and wrap it. This will save you from leaks.
10) Pack layers of black, casual and business, with tops and bottoms that can be switched for work or play.
11) Keep a pack list that you can use repeatedly, rather than reinventing the wheel each time. Check out this easy to use pack list on Amazon.com.
12) Refresh your toiletry bag each time you return from a trip. This will save time on the next round of packing.

Source: Meredith Wolff, CMP, VP, director of corporate events, Oppenheimer Funds; Sherri Lindenberg, senior vice president, Crump; Debi Scholar, global cross-divisional category leader/director virtual meetings, Novartis; Sandy Zanella, public relations director, MGM Resorts International; Tahira Endea, CMP, BHM

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