10 Road Warrior Travel Tips

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Frequent travelers weigh in on what items are always in their suitcase.What essential items do frequent travelers always pack in their suitcase? Prevue editors and advisory board members weigh in.

Road Warriors are always looking for ways to minimize travel stress by packing intelligently. It’s often the unexpected, little things that make a big difference in our comfort level. We checked in with Prevue’s editors and Advisory Board members to ask what indispensable travel items they don’t leave home without. Read on to get the skinny on their insider travel tips.

Road Warrrior Tips From Prevue Editors

• “I use the case from a Tumi Accents Kit I was gifted at the IRF Invitational to hold all my wires—it can even fit my Anker wireless charger. Finally they’re not strewn all over my carry-on bag.”—Barbara Scofidio, Editor

• “Any brand of travel folding jewelry organizer.”—Paloma Villaverde de Rico, Executive Editor

• “I recently discovered travel-sized Downy Wrinkle Release and now it’s a staple for every trip. Just spritzing a wrinkled item smooths it out and I’m ready for the next appointment.” —Regina Baraban, Senior Contributing Editor 

• “I love my Juice Jack Defenders—a little device you plug into the USB end of your charger before you use any public USB charging port. It protects your device from bad guys who love to infect travelers’ devices with malware. Useful for airports, hotels, convention centers—any public charging station.”—Sue Pelletier, Senior Contributing Editor 

• “Super basic—I carry one of those big black binder clips to hold the hotel drapes closed.” —Lydia Gregory, Managing Editor, Recommend magazine

• “I have good-size duffel style bag that rolls up into something fist-sized that I toss into my rollaboard, especially when I’m doing trade shows and know that I’ll be picking up tons of material. Then I check my rollaboard on the way back and carry on the other. And when I go from a cold climate to hot, I carry a warm puff-jacket that rolls down very small, so I don’t have to lug a jacket the entire trip.” —Lisa Simundson, Assistant Editor

Road Warrior Tips From Prevue Advisory Board Members

• “Gallon zip lock bags for each outfit, smash the air out and you can eyeball what you need, then use for dirty laundry! Also, I’m now  buying only ‘travel knit’ clothing, roll it up and no iron or wrinkles ever—Kimberly M. Bean, KBT Creative Support Services

• “My Anker GaNPrime Power Bank, 2-in-1 Hybrid Charger, 10K 30W USB-C Portable Charger with 65W Wall Charger is my go-to power all the time. It powers my laptop, phone, watch etc., and is especially handy when there’s only one outlet next to a hotel room bed.” — David Stevens, data.world

• “I always bring ear plugs and my eye mask/goggles to blend out any light for quality sleep, to be fit for the program.” —Steffi Kordy, Cocoon Incentives

• “My tip is to have a list (I use OneNote) of all the standard items you need for travel (cosmetics, chargers, etc) and review it at the end of your your tip so you remember to refill/refresh whatever you need for the next one. My second tip is that I bring a small travel blanket in a pouch—it can be used for back/neck support, warmth on a plane, or like a light wrap if it’s chilly wherever I go.” —Sherri K. Lindenberg 

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