10 Packing Tips From the Pros

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packing tips
Here’s how to make it work with just a carry-on.

Carry-on luggage is your best friend! Here are 10 travel packing tips from the road warriors on Prevue’s Advisory Board.

We asked several members of  Prevue’s Advisory Board how they manage to make it work with just a carry-on. Here are their clever packing tips.

Rolled Clothes: Roll or hang your clothes

Rolling helps maximize space and minimize wrinkles. Or pack everything on hangers with dry cleaning bags on each item and they’ll be smooth and ready to hang in the hotel room.

Use packing cubes

These smaller plastic bags help keep clothes compact and outfits in order.

Consolidate your tech

Rather than take various adapters for all your laptops, phones and chargers, buy yourself a 4- or 5-way socket board (also called trailing sockets). You then only need 1 adapter and instantly get the 4 or 5 sockets you’re used to.

Take an overnight bag

Create a small overnight kit that you keep with you under the seat. Personal items might include: Tylenol PM, lavender oil roller balm, makeup remover wipes, tinted moisturizer and travel-size mascara. (Continued below) 

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Make a list

Use a packing list to help plan and identify “must-haves” from “nice-to-haves”

Think out of the box for space

To save space, stuff your shoes with socks, underwear, etc. Put small creams / gels/ pills in different colored contact lens cases.

Think in colors

Pack color neutral items and/or clothes that can all go with the same shoes

Use Ziploc bags

Large Ziploc bags are great to pack, roll and take out air, and to use for dirty laundry. Bring extras!

Pack light: Limit yourself to two pairs of shoes

One pair that you wear while traveling can be repurposed with some of your outfits during your trip, and another pair can be a second option or specific to some outfits. If you work out—sneakers often take way too much space—tie the laces together and sling them on your handbag/backpack


Take a couple of staples like a jacket or skirt that you can repurpose on a different day, by changing shoes / shirt. To avoid creases, pack these delicate pieces in tissue paper. If they need a little “refresh” upon arrival, hang them in the bathroom while you take a steamy shower. No matter how delicate, that always does the trick.




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