5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Corporate Millennials

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photo credit: Flickr, Janet Ramsden

With corporate holidays parties right around the corner, it can be difficult to think of gift ideas for coworkers, especially corporate millennials. While these tech-savvy youngsters likely already have all the gadgets they need, here are five gifts for every budget that may come in handy for this on-the-go generation.

1. Hand-crafted Accessories for Gadgets: While technology is important to millennials, so is sustainability. Try winning your millennial colleague over with a hand-crafted accessory such as the Freeform Wooden iPad stand made from North American walnut, hard maple, clear cherry or a mix of all three. The Smartphone Speaker/Amplifier made out of reclaimed skateboards by GenuineWoodworking is equally as cool.

2. Charge on the Go: Millennials are quick to use up the battery life of their smart devices, so consider buying them a Duracell Powermat, a two-in-one portable battery and wireless charging mat for the person on the go.

3. Subscription to a Current Event Magazine: Staying up-to-date on current events is considered cool in the corporate world, so buying a subscription to The Economist, The New Yorker or The Atlantic could benefit anyone in the workplace. Whether to get it in print or digital is another conversation though.

4. Webble Footrest: Out with the traditional footrest and in with the Webble. It sits under a desk the same way a traditional footrest does, but it helps move the lower half of the body from side to side and even in circles, keeping millennials from having back ailments at an early age.

5. Inflight Internet Membership: As millennials travel for work or play, they’ll enjoy having an inflight Internet membership with a provider such as Gogo, so they can stay connected in the air.

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