5 Tips on Choosing a Chatbot for Your Next Event

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After the launch of the robot concierge at hotels, the chatbot continues to make waves in the hospitality industry.

Meeting planners are now considering making the friendly bots a part of their event team. The program, powered by artificial intelligence, essentially acts as a team member by communicating with attendees and answering questions online. If you’re looking into incorporating the technology into your latest event, here are five tips on ways to do so.

Create a Brand-Related Bot

Because the bot will represent your brand, you want to make sure to create one that makes sense for your event. Choosing a name and personality that reflects what your attendees will expect from your event brand is crucial.

Make Your Bot Accessible

In order for your bot to get the most attendee reach, make it accessible on all event platforms. That includes the event website, the event app, the event social media platforms and even via text messaging.

Market Your Bot

Once you’ve tested the new bot, make sure attendees know it’s available for them. Send out a newsletter or heavily promote it on social media to make sure attendees know this new tool can answer questions before, during and after the event.

Consider Bot Kiosks

Because Wi-Fi can be spotty at events and not all attendees want to use up their smartphone batteries, adding a bot kiosk or two at your event can go a long way. This way, attendees still get the same digital service without having to wait in longer customer service lines.

Analyze the Data

During and after the event, make sure to analyze the data the bots are receiving. If the bot is getting the same questions during the event, you may have an issue you need to address in real time. After the event, data can also provide you information on how the bot was used and how it can be used better at future events.


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